Water treatment experts since 1974


Tieleman swimming pool technology is a family business founded in Holland in 1974. From there on, Tieleman has been manufacturing movable floors, electrolysis systems and many others.

accessories for swimming pools.By combining self-developed products with products from renowned manufacturers, we are proud to supply a complete high quality product range.


A movable floor turns your pool into a multi-functional environment. The movable floor converts seamlessly and safely from a swimming pool, to a paddling pool, to an extra patio.


The Sterox Electrolysis is the result of 25 years of research and development of proportional electrolysis systems. The Sterox Electrolysis system is an all-in-one


Every swimming pool is unique and so is its environment. Thus every pool has its own, mostly unique, accessories. The possibilities start at the moment the pool is entered.

A glimpse at a few of the products we offer.

What We Do

With our 46 years of experience in the swimming pool sector, we have developed into a company that supplies not only products but also services. Since we know best how our products can be applied optimally, advisement in the trajectory of a new

project is in the best interest of both customer and Tieleman swimming pool technology. Alongside our own products were are an excellent consulting partner regarding all the aspects in the swimming pool construction and maintenance.