Tieleman swimming pool technology is a family business founded in Holland in 1974. From there on, Tieleman has been manufacturing movable floors, electrolysis systems and many other

accessories for swimming pools. By combining self-developed products with products from renowned manufacturers, we are proud to supply a complete high quality product range.

High quality

Tieleman believes that research and development are the key to the most efficient and useful products. In order to accomplish just that, we combine knowledge from the most known manufacturers with our products. Our 42 years of experience in maintenance give us reliable and direct feedback towards developing efficient products.

treatment experts

We have been manufacturing products for highly demanding sectors such as e.g. the healthcare sector. Combining the quality measures from this sector with our know how, we are able to exceed the highest standards in the industry. The lifetime of our products has always been outstanding as you could conclude from the fact that our oldest clientele are still using our products.

Custom made

Supplying the product that meets the customers exact needs is our vision. We combines that vision with expertise to create a product to fit the demands. In case these are not met with our basic range of products, Tieleman can alter the product in any way desired. One-off products belong to our specialties with in-house design, development and manufacturing.

A glimpse at a few of the products we offer.


We design custom products to fit the customers wishes


We manufacture the products we design in-house, guaranteeing the highest quality


We assemble and test our products on location to certifty the customers satisfaction


We maintain the products we build, ensuring a long product life.