Movable Floors

A movable floor turns your pool into a multi-functional environment. The movable floor converts seamlessly and safely from a swimming pool, to a paddling pool, to an extra patio.
Our movable floors have proven themselves for over 40 years in the medical and therapeutic sector.

The safety and the quality of our pools is guaranteed and approved by EU-commercial standards. Nonetheless all of our pools are made to order, creating beautiful designs that are unique. We are a one-stop shop company for all your swimming pool needs: from the design, to the construction, to the building and the service.

High Quality Materials

Stainless steel 316L guarantees our quality standards for our construction

Adjustable Floor Heigth

Infinitely adjustable floor heigth for precise adjustments

Touchscreen Interface

User friendly touchscreen interface


Thermic isolation prevents water heat loss


Water depth can be adjusted for specific people, making up for a safer environment

Multi Purpose Living Surface

When the pool is not being used, the pool area can be used as an additional patio

Low Maintenance Solution

By using a minimal amount of moving parts,wear is kept to a minimum

Optimal Water Flow

The floor is designed to assure an optimal water circulation

A few of the products we offer

More savings

The raised position of your floor not only reduces the amount of contamination in your pool, it also forms an isolating layer on the water preventing water evaporation and heat loss. Thus less water is lost and the air humidity in the environment decreases.

More safety

The movable floor lets you control the water depth and thereby enhances the safety for children and other users. In raised position the pool is inaccessible for improper and/or unsupervised use. All of our technology in the pool is driven by water, making it impossible to contaminate the pool with oil.

More options

Our technology enables the use of a wide range of flooring materials blending the pool in with its environment. A few examples are hard stone, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, plastics, and composites. Contact us for more information.