What We Do

With our 46 years of experience in the swimming pool sector, we have developed into a company that supplies not only products but also services. Since we know best how our products can be applied optimally, advisement in the trajectory of a new project is in the best interest of both customer and Tieleman swimming pool technology. Alongside our own products were are an excellent consulting partner regarding all the aspects in the swimming pool construction and maintenance.
We take much pride in our products. That is why we also offer maintenance to guarantee an optimal lifetime and thereby a satisfied customer.

Due to the very specific nature of our business maintenance consists, among other things, of inspection and cleaning of movable floors. Our systems are generally self-built so troubleshooting is done best by our specialized personnel. Our most advanced products can be read out remotely. This eases the troubleshooting job due to the fast response time and the costs of travel of the troubleshooting engineer.
The implementation of our services is a very broad concept with many different options. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our services and we will be glad to assist you.


Project Management
Process Planning


Assistance with inaudibility
Support with malfunction


Mechanical support
Electrical support
System Design

A glimpse at a few of the products we offer.