Sterox Electrolysis

The Sterox Electrolysis is the result of 25 years of research and development of proportional electrolysis systems. The Sterox Electrolysis system is an all-in-one solution for the treatment of your swimming pool water. The Sterox Electrolysis is available in different versions to suit the

needs of your swimming pool. A modular electrolysis cel is mounted in the system, making it possible to add or remove cells if needed. Thus the specific amount of needed chlorine is produced. No excessive energy will be wasted and the chlorine fluctuations in the swimming pool water will be minimized.

Precise Dosage

Using a proportional chlorine-production system, the Sterox is able to deliver the exact amount of needed chlorine at every point in time.

More Affordable

The only product that needs to be added to function is kitchen salt.

Chemical Free Solution

Sterox makes the chlorine out of salt in situ. This means that there is no storage of chemicals anywhere in the proces.

Easy To Use

A product needs to be easy to understand for the customer. With a user friendly interface on the touchscreen we accomplish just that.

A glimpse at a few of the products we offer.

More Ellaborated

Our proportional chlorine-production system has been setting the standard for over 25 years. Not only does the Sterox Elektrolysis system add the exact amount of chlorine to the water, it also analyzes and corrects the pH value when needed.

More Options

Tieleman swimming pool technology offers a broad range of electrolysis systems to suit the demands of your pool. From the amount of chlorine that needs to be produced to checking the water online, there are unlimited options.

Less Maintenance

The sterox is an all-in-one solution for your swimming pool water treatment controlling the pH en chlorine levels.. The measured values can be easily checked on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Less Costs

The Sterox system is a one-time investment, with a low amount of maintenance. Salt is the only product that needs to be added and is cheaper and safer than other chemicals containing chlorine. pH plus is a byproduct of the saltelectrolysis and therefore an affordable solution to correct the pH levels.